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The following are helpful articles on stuttering.  New articles will be posted monthly, if you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us at

More Resources

If you need help diagnosing a speech impairment, visit this website for helpful information. 

This article provides helpful insight about all aspects of stuttering, and even suggests other ways to get help.

For parents of younger children who stutter,  this article provides support and reassurance. 

Information about a South Florida teen stuttering support group. 


An important website that has certified specialists approved by the American Speech Languauge Hearing Association

To find an association for young people who stutter go to 

Friends (based in New York)


American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 

To contact the National Stuttering Association of Teens Who Stutter (Palm Beach, FL chapter), email the chapter leader Liz Blake at or call 561-373-8946


For information about research, therapy, support organizations, mterials for kids who stutter, and much more go to

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